Sunday, March 1, 2009

upcoming events

Hi all,

Zombie Zines will be tabling two events this upcoming week,
Tuesday we'll be at CD Connection at the beaches for the upcoming Ghost Mice show,
and of course we'll be out at Art Walk this Wednesday,

come out and say hi!

Monday, February 16, 2009

We <3 Zines!

Zombie Zines is run by Cherri and Elizabeth. We operate both out of Zombie Bikes and at various events around Jacksonville. Email us if you see something that interests you and/or visit us at the Zombie Bikes location Sunday 2-6!

A Scrawny, Effeminate, Smelly Body of Work ... 1.00
Bunch of awesome poetry and miscellaneous writings by a minstrel who you should check out here.

Spokes of Hazard #2 ... 2.00
Per-/travel zine about biking the west coast on a tandem! Also, bike messenger tandem-riding story!

On Subbing ... 3.00
Perzine about the trials, tribulations and comedy of being a vegan/straightedge/punk substitute for handicapped youth.

Home Composting Made Easy ... 2.00
Want to know how to compost? Most popular, user-friendly guide right here!

Revolutionaries ... 2.25
Political zine comprised of hand cut and pasted photos from 1960s radicalism—from the Black Panthers to the Weather Underground to the gay rights movement. Revolutionaries mixes famous reprints with more obscure imagery, and is offset by handset text that rings with a renewed sense of urgency for our troubled times.

Sojourner: Critical Reflections on Travel ... 1.00
Perzine following Suze as she travels all over the world, her projects, friends and a thorough examination of the privlilge of traveling.

949 Market ... 2.50
A zine about of group of SF punks stumbling upon an abandoned set of buildings and filling them full of beautiful murals, shows and free food.. for four months!

ABC No Rio: Founders Era Artifacts ... 2.50
This zine shares the fascinating history of the conception of the art/punk club ABC NO RIO in 1979; it talks about the formation, negotiations with the city, responses from the community, and getting the neighborhood kids involved in the center and art projects going on there.

BFF (Brainfag Forever) ... 7.00
Nearly a decade of Nate Beaty's self-published comics. Nate uses comics to explore self-expression, love and love lost, urban existence versus living off the grid, balancing art and coding on the computer, and generally maintaining sanity in a world gone mad.

Sobstory? #6 ... 2.00
Andrew (Needles & Pens zineshop) reprints a series of letter exchanges with his friend Jack about the general concepts of happiness. They go back and forth about how others seek and do or do not find happiness themselves and how people make it through their lives on hollow promises offered by consumerism or God or related marketing schemes. This zine contains much reflection about the people and places that he was exposed to and the things he learned in the process.

Bipedal, By Pedal! ... 1.50
Experiences and Thoughts around and about the Critcal Mass Movement.

Loserdom #17 ... 3.00
Loserdom is written by two brothers, Anto and Eugene, who mostly cycle around. In this issue, they give a humorous review of an Alley Cat bike race, take us on a Spanish Civil War tour of Barcelona, interview an Irish peace activist, Caoimhe Butterfly, and write a comic in which they go back in time.

Pound the Pavement ... 3.50
A street art analysis that provides scores of full color pix of graff, stencils and art vandalism from around the world, including text and commentary to inspire any beginner.

Counterbalance: Thoughts on Activism and Mental Health ... 3.00
Author Kristi wants to know why activists always seem to burn out mentally, and why they chose to disappear from activist communities. What in our communities keeps us from sticking with it? What makes us withdraw and then afraid to come back? Supposedly we have supportive communities to help us deal with mental health issues, but what does that mean exactly? Do we really?

Stoked on Spokes ... 1.00
A collection of articles from people in struggle to use the bicycle as their form of transportation. We learn about the history of the bicycle, see some great clip art, how to fix a flat, some safety tips, how to tour on your bike, starting a critical mass ride, and more!

Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance ... 1.50
A little take home instruction guide that goes over the basics of fixing a flat tire, working with wheels, the parts of a bike, bearings, doing a tune-up, tools and dealing with bike shops.

Sounds of Your Name ... 8.00
Nate Powell's intricate black & white art focuses on the terrors and pleasures of growing up. Poignantly plumbing the existential angst of youth, he invokes great coming-of-age novels with only a few dozen words. T hese stories build vignette by vignette into a rich tableau of lofty dreams and Deep South disappointment, car crashes and love letters, first kisses and four-tracks.

You Can Work any 100 Hours in Your Underwear! ... 1.50
The history of the first ten years of Microcosm Publishing, told in graphic detail!

Here Be Dragons ... 1.50
The "Punx Over 30" focuses on Eric and Q's resistance to the punk's fascination with youth and trying to age gracefully. Articles about marriage, home ownership, veganism, coffee, health, an interview with Charlotte "Missy" Wright, The Mr. Roboto Project (their collectively run showspace/zine library in Pittsburgh) and DIY punk, workplace organizing and unions, a Caustic Christ interview, college education, librarians, and being a punk professor.